About Aqua Golden


Aqua Golden is an experienced professional event organizing company, focused on bringing innovation and latest information to the relevant industries.
We specialize in organizing exclusive and best in class events, tailored to address the most challenging and pressing topics of various industries.
We are here to equip you with the right business tools to measure, compare, evaluate, and proceed in the right direction.
Our committed team of experienced business professionals, with solid backgrounds in multidisciplinary fields, are here to create an exclusive environment at each of our uniques events.
We craft each of our events to provide you with an environment aimed at benchmarking, networking, and generating insights amongst peers of various industries.





Our Summits brings all top-level senior executives from industries across the globe together in an atmosphere where they can "talk", debate, ask questions, express emotions, share problems, give solutions to challenges; and network to build powerful business relationships.

Our Goal

to see you winning and get ROI