6th Annual Product Development & Design Thinking Summit

United States of America


April 29th – 30th , 2021

Aqua golden is pleased to present to you Annual Product Innovation & Design Thinking Summit scheduled on April 29th – 30th , 2021, USA

About The Summit

Annual Product Innovation & Design Thinking Summit

We’re all aware of the shifts toward customer centricity and digital transformation that is critically shaping how we engage with customers, innovate products and services, and achieve sustainable growth. So how do organizations create deeper customer engagement and insights to drive innovation outcomes to become truly customer centered?

Our Design Thinking Community is growing. We'll be joined by passionate practitioners and researchers, each using design principles to transform and uplift innovative outcomes. Join us and discover how to embed design thinking to improve product and service innovation, enhance customer centricity and facilitate sustainable growth, to enable data-driven transformation and innovation.

Topics Include :