3 Possible Trends On E-business this 2019

E-business is one growing business sector in the world and it will be a sham if progress is not recorded on making it easier, faster and more reliable. In every part of life with the growing technologies around there must be trends which as well appears to be so in e-business also. Here are some possible trends that are most likely to change the face of e-business this year.

Multi-channel Selling

As an online seller, you need to be available and accessible across all the channels shoppers use. Your own website should not be a limit to you; you can be available on social media as well as other online stores. You should consider using other popular sites like eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, which also supports direct sales. People aren’t making use of just one channel to make their purchase you should not use one channel to market your wares.

Custom Packaging

Packaging is one very important market seller, a well-packages good can be a best seller, because it catches the eyes. In other words packaging is an essential part of the product. According to a distribution study, quite a number of the shoppers felt that a brand became more upscale due to its packaging. So if you want to be set apart and be unique this year create a custom package for your goods to make it more identifiable.

Smart Payment

This is the final stage for your customers. The payment method for your goods should be smooth and effortless or you might still end up losing your customers in the end. This stage could make or mar an exchange. According to the Baymard Institute, almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. This same report found that most times it is caused because of a complicated checkout process. To be ahead, please offer a simple and smoother check out process with easy payment options.

These trends, if combined, can form a solid foundation for a full business strategy meant to boost sales and pave the way for brand innovations and a futuristic, yet satisfying, customer experience.

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