Check out 3 New Innovations in Healthcare Industry

It can be agreed that technology and the internet is changing the world we live in. The changes are happening in more ways that we can ever imagine and the healthcare system is not lagging behind either. Nonetheless, let us take a look at 3 innovations currently in the healthcare industry.

Robotic Surgery

It is said that the first complete robotic surgery was completed in 2008 by the da Vinci surgical robot. These robotic surgeons can be more detailed and in some cases perform better than humans. Studies have also found that robotic surgery reduces the risk of blood loss in obese prostate cancer patients. Another advantage with this innovation is that patients who went through with robotic surgeries stay shorter in the hospitals and also less likely require blood transfusions.

Vinci Robot

Now one in four U.S. hospitals has at least one da Vinci robot, which requires a surgeon to operate. There are also newer systems that can perform surgery all on their own, once they're programmed to do so.

Health Wearable


Consumers now turn to health wearbles to monitor glucose, physical activity etc. in order to have a better understanding of their health conditions. This is an act to reduce the rise of some diseases such as diabetes.

Following on from the release of the first Bluetooth headset back in 2000, the growing interest in wearables has seen monitoring our health and data become consistent. This data can be analysed by sophisticated algorithms to drive long-term diagnosis and support.

Smart Pills

Soon to come, smart pills will be taking over; these pills will look out for any extra issue or problem in the intestines. Not only that the pill will release or administer the appropriate medicines to cure the condition.

These pills could make enhanced use of medicine than regular pills, which only deliver a small portion of their medicine to where it needs to go. They could also transmit health information directly to doctors, including whether or not the patient is taking their medicine properly.

Researchers say that they understand most or all of the biological mechanisms required to make smart pills a viable concept.

Smart Pills

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